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Hello readers of this blog post! I hope that you find this post well and hope that the college application process isn’t too stressful for y’all! J (Trust me, I remember being in your shoes not too long ago!) But before we delve into this post, allow me to introduce myself before I forget.

My name is Jonathan Franklin and I am a junior this year at Wofford College located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. I am majoring in both English and Humanities with a minor in Business and a concentration in African/African American Studies (yes, I know that is a mouth full). What am I going to do with it you might ask? I’m looking into pursing a career in either Journalism or Higher Education Administration (basically, working on a college campus with college students). I am originally from Columbia, South Carolina and a 2012 graduate of Richland Northeast High School in Columbia (Go Cavaliers!) where I was a part of many activities on campus – too many to name, so I’ll spare your time. Haha.

But any who, my ultimate goal for this year is to hopefully inspire, motivate, and encourage the readers of this blog to achieve aspirations to go to college. Even if you’re already in college, graduated from college, or are having your first (or second, third, etc.) born going through the college application process, to inspire them to attend college. Just over four years ago (four? Wow, I’m getting old!) I was in your shoes trying to decipher over what college to attend. For me, I had a clear vision that I wanted to be a journalist from the beginning of my high school career, so the whole “choosing a major-thing” was already off of my checklist. I applied to a variety of places – both in state and out-of-state – and still had no clue as to where I wanted to go. As I frantically put in my applications to schools such as: Furman, Clemson, Wake Forest, Howard, College of Charleston, Presbyterian, Wofford, and American University, I eventually made up my mind and wanted to attend American University in Washington, DC. After realizing the financial responsibilities that came along with choosing an out of state college, I came to the realization once looking at my financial aid packages from my instate schools that staying in South Carolina for college wasn’t a bad idea. After touring my instate options, I began to fall in love with Wofford and knew that this is the place where I could call “home” for the next four years.

Andddd….fast forward to the present to where we are now and I can’t believe that I have four more semesters left at Wofford. Yes, it is sad that time is flying by fast, but I must put on my big boy pants and make the best of my experience left up until graduation. (I mean, they say college is the ‘best four years of your life’). Over the course of this year, I will be writing posts that will include: what its like being a college student, applying for internships, taking the GRE (Graduate Record Examination, the test to get into graduate school – sort of like the SAT and ACT, but much harder), scheduling classes, professional development, and much more! So sit back, relax, and get ready to explore my life. Trust me, you’re in for a treat!



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