For School Counselors and other education professionals in Career and Academic Advising:

Building a College – Going Culture for All Students

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Module Two – College, Career and Academic Planning

40 Renewal Credits (SC Department of Education)

This module includes four sessions: Engaging students in early career awareness and planning; using data to guide academic planning; helping students understand importance of curse selections and grades; and importance of postsecondary choices and finding the right postsecondary fit. Participates will be engaged in building knowledge and skill in each of this areas, and they engage in constructive discussions in a learning community with their colleagues during each session.

During this module, counselors will learn to:

  • Engaging students in early career awareness and planning
  • Guide students in academic planning to align high school courses with career interest and college planning
  • Use data to analyze student progress towards their career and academic goals
  • Guide students to discover their “best fit “ and to make appropriate postsecondary and college choices

*Classes start June 30th and end August 4th, 2017


Module Two Registration
Module Two Registration will take place here from June 5th – June 23rd, 2017

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