Sharpen your pencil.


The SAT is a college entrance exam measuring general aptitude in the areas of critical reading, quantitative reasoning and writing. For the most up-to-date information on the SAT, including registration and testing dates, log on to for details.

The ACT is a college entrance exam covering the areas of English, math, reading and science. There is also an optional writing test. For the most up-to-date information on the ACT, including registration and testing dates, log on to for details.

Application and test fee waivers are available from your school counselor’s office. If you have been eligible for a free or reduced-cost lunch and are enrolled as a high school junior or senior, you are generally eligible for fee waivers.

You are eligible for two SAT and two ACT test fee waivers, and after registering for either test once, you are eligible for four college application waivers.



WHEN IN DOUBT, GUESS: There’s nothing wrong with guessing if you’re not sure. Just narrow down your choices, rule out anything you know is wrong and make your best guess.

KNOW WHEN TO MOVE ON: You only lose points for wrong answers, so if you can’t guess, just leave it blank and move on.

THE CLOCK IS TICKING: Don’t spend too much time on one question. Move on and come back to it later.

STAY SHARP: Be sure to use a No. 2 pencil, because the electronic scoring machines that scan the answer sheets only recognize certain marks.

DON’T GET TURNED AWAY: Remember to bring your admission ticket, photo ID, extra pencils, a soft eraser and an approved calculator if it’s allowed for the test you’re taking.

HELP YOURSELF: Don’t underestimate the importance of a good sleep and a hearty breakfast before you take your test. You’ll be more alert and more prepared.

LEAVE IT AT HOME: DO NOT bring cell phones, iPods, cameras or any other digital, electronic photographic equipment with you. Highlighters, colored pencils, compasses, rulers and other tools are not allowed.